Women in Business: Lori Senecal, Global CEO of CP+B, formerly Global Executive Chairman of KBS

Lori Senecal is the worldwide Chief Executive Officer of CP+B, http://www.adweek.com/news/advertising-branding/lori-senecal-named-president-ceo-mdc-partner-network-159416. She is also the former Executive Chairman of Global at the KBS Company. According to her, she is also responsible for driving the deepening of the unique model only presented by no other company than MDC Partners Company and their strategic vision to work with the best models of business and development in the world. She has also worked to become one of the most sought Chief Executive Officers in the world of business. Due to her experience in the MDC Partners Company, she has also become one of the best consultants to promote profitability and development.

According to Huffington Post, Lori Senecal has also worked with other stakeholders of the company to foster cross-collaboration and fuel growth to realise their dreams and goals in a short period. While she works to partner with other clients at the company, she also plays a leadership role in their partnerships to have their commitments optimised about the company through seamless structures in all capabilities as partners of MDC Company. While Lori Senecal was still working at her former position as the manager of the KBS Company of shops, she also worked to lay more focus on the global growth and vision of the agency.

For more than five years, she has also pioneered a new ambition for this company and industry. For this reason, Lori Senecal had also decided to a movement of innovation beyond the core business structure to develop a new modulation which sees the company through profitability and not success alone. According to the enterprise, she is considered as one of the most original inventors in business and modelling. She has worked to solidify the KBS brand in all parts of her development structures. While she was working at KBS, she has worked to spearhead the agency business units in all technology levels.

Lori Senecal has also encouraged all employees to have a new career in which they want to achieve. He is one of the most innovative content creators and innovation strategists. Lori Senecal always starts her morning to congratulating her employees before giving them a new task for the day. For more info, check out Ms. Senecal’s crunchbase page.