Stock Investments With Paul Mampilly

The motivation behind Paul Mampilly’s exit from Wall Street and New York is the abhorrence of the great losses that normal people faced financially during the crash in 2008 while the hedge fund managers lined their pockets with collected fees. He left behind a career where he directed firms handling management of assets with multi-billion funds from a conviction that is deeply held by him, that what had happened to the savings of small investors was unjust. Paul Mampilly opted to go out and share his vast knowledge of finding stocks that are profitable for ordinary investors who encountered great loss during the Wall Street financial crisis.

With his 20 year Wall Street knowledge, Paul Mampilly has been positioned in the perfect position to share it with small investors via the Professional Speculator. This is a service based on subscription which came up after the great crash. Thanks to a hands-on management of people’s money, he earned the experience which he now puts into educating clients in his Capuchin Consulting firm based in North Carolina’s Durham. In the beginning of the crisis, a private account which he was managing won a sought after competition that was sponsored by John Templeton Foundation as it achieved record returns. His big risks that he took earned 76% gains during the time others were afraid of the impending financial crash.

During his term as the Editor and Investment Director of FDA Trader, he came up with ideas for Agora Financial that displayed his proprietary and special investment methods of creating great returns. Paul Mampilly founded the Capuchin Consulting and also Extreme Fortunes and Profits Unlimited’s originator. He uses this platform to aid ordinary investors gain wealth by investing in stocks which he recommends and also tracks. Profits Unlimited has gained a great platform since he joined Banyan Hill Publishing.

Aside from being a hedge fund manager, Paul Mampilly is an investor, as well as the winner of the Templeton Foundation investment competition. He has been featured on Fox Business, Bloomberg TV and CNBC. Paul came to the US as a young man and joined the Wall Street ranks quite fast. Paul Mampilly started his career in 1991 serving as Deutsche Bank’s research assistant. He was recruited by Kinetics International Fund where he became the key manager.