Jason Hope’s SENS Investment and Entrepreneurial Secrets

Philanthropist, entrepreneur and futurist, Jason Hope invested approximately $500,000 in SENS Research Foundation in 2010. The donation helped the company to be able to build its own research laboratory and establish a new program built on breaking down the advanced glycetin lingering in human tissue.

Hope stated that the reason that he supports SENS is due to their differing approaches on trying to treat aging due to disease. Instead of treating them on the surface after they manifest like traditional medicine does, SENS aims to prevent them from happening. He very passionately believes that drugs that work on a cellular level, with some of it involving stem cells, can halt the aging process.

Jason Hope first studied Finance at Arizona State University and then obtained an MBA at its W.P. Carey School of Business. Almost immediately afterward, he went on to establish an excellent reputation with his many successes in Internet and technological businesses. He particularly believes that the Internet of Things (IoT) may become a very important foundation as more devices are invented and connected. He also has his own grant program in which he helps struggling young entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground.

When asked what his main secret to being a successful entrepreneur, Hope states that it’s actually quite simple. He has a simple morning routine of exercising first thing, then eating breakfast, then checking his accounts. He also believes in keeping things very simple so as not to waste any time or energy and breaks it down into doing things one step at a time. He also highly values feedback on his ideas from those closest to him. He insists that SEO internet marketing and social media services are a must for any entrepreneur.

One thing that Jason Hope insists that every other entrepreneur do is to always keep focused on the main project. He states that a lot of new entrepreneurs have a habit of jumping onto every little opportunity that they think is related. Not keeping focused on the main project is not grounds for success at all. One of Hope’s other secrets is keeping in contact with every market contact and referral who he ever runs across.

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