Conference for Excellence

It’s about time there was a twist and a change in banking leadership. That change just begun at the 2016 Texas Bankers’ Annual Conference. John Holt was one of the main panelists there. This President of Nexbank had much to say. The event was a success.

Holt’s Nexbank has three locations and four branches overall, one serving as solely an ATM. Nexbank was established in November of 1934 and holds more than $4 million in deposits with more than $5 million in assets. It sides with some of the best in the Texas banking businesses, such as the following:

  1. Capital One
  2. ZB or Zions Bank
  3. National Bank of Texas
  4. BOKF
  5. Woodforest National Bank
  6. Commercia Bank
  7. Compass Bank
  8. Wells Fargo Bank
  9. Bank of America
  10. Regions Bank
  11. The American National Bank of Texas
  12. Frost Bank
  13. Prosperity Bank
  14. Plains National Bank

Nexbank hopes to expand policing execution with flexibility and expertise for all. In execution, it helps to support businesses and institutions through using tailor-made solutions with seamless service deliveries. In terms of flexibility, Nexbank’s mortgage business is one the best: It’s skill and expertise helps connect clients toward broader perspectives and options.

Expertise wise, Nexbank’s tailored solutions are fit for any diverse needs that any client may have. Nexbank is protected under the US Patriot Act and is one of few equal housing lenders that proudly serves the FDIC. Your privacy is always the top concern; therefore, Nexbank will always provide an online privacy notice within a security center and customer complaint solutions. Mr. Holt could never be prouder of his business and all it stands for; he has said so many times at the recent 2016 Texas Bankers’ Annual Association and M & A Conference as well.