Paul Mampilly Investor, Hedge Fund Manager and Winner of Templeton Foundation Competition Investor and Hedge Fund Manager

Paul Mampilly is an investor, and a hedge fund manager. He resides in Durham, NC and is the founder of Capuchin Consulting. Most recently, he won the Templeton foundation competition for investment management. He has also offered his expertise on Bloomberg and CNBC. More importantly, he offers training to those whom are looking to enter financial markets through Profits Unlimited.

Career Began at Deutsche Bank

Paul’s career began at Deutsche Bank in 1991, in addition to time spent managing millions of dollars and helping people get off the ground level. From Deutsche Bank, he moved to Kinetics International Fund, a hedge fund. One of his biggest wins was in 2012, when he invested in a drug stock that produced a 2000% gain (Sarepta Therapeutics). Finally, Paul also invested in Netflix in 2008 which was another major gainer for Paul. Paul was also able to retire at the age of 42, so that he can be in a position to spend time with his family and help ordinary Americans invest. He has also produced huge gains in a Gold Mining Vectors ETF.

25 Years of Direct Management Experience

Paul’s background also features 25 years of direct management experience since 1988. This has included nearly every type of market imaginable. He has also managed the kinetics international fund which has meant that he was exposed to many different types of possible trades.

Founder of Capuchin Consulting

As the founder of Capuchin Consulting, he provides unique money making opportunities to ordinary investors. A trading account began in January, 2016 has since produced a 180% return, with Nvidia and Couer Mining being among the winners of the portfolio. This also includes experience writing for Stansberry Research and working as an author of FDA trader which is a publication specializing in biotech.

Raised $5 Billion Hedge Fund

As a senior portfolio manager, he raised over $5 Billion for the Kinetics Hedge Fund and US/European funds. A total value of $25 Billion across multiple different portfolios can be counted among the assets that Paul has managed successfully.

Research Analyst Experience at Deutsche Asset Management and ING Funds

Other positions include research analyst positions at ING Funds and Deutsche Asset Management. He holds a BBA degree from Montclair State University in Accounting and Finance, along with a MBA in Finance at Fordham Gambelli School of Business.

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