Greg Secker: Successful: Ambitious/ Motivated:

*A Closer look at Greg Secker:

Greg Secker is an established Businessman of English descent. Greg Secker’s area of expertise lies in “Foreign Exchange“. Mr. Secker is recognized by the media quite frequently. He has been featured numerous times on the Bloomberg Network as well as CNBC.

Greg Secker is also an established author. He has written several books about the Foreign Exchange Market as well as other business issues that ultimately affect trading and economic stability. Mr. Secker is intelligent and well educated. Greg Secker graduated from the University of Nottingham. He studied Food Sciences while in college.

Some of the books that Secker published include “Financial Freedom through Forex” and “Everything you wanted to know about Success”. Financial Freedon through Forex remained on the top seller list for several weeks following its initial release.

Since late 2003, Greg Secker has been a full time Forex Trader. Secker has been quite successful in the business. Greg Secker established an office within his living room which enables him to work from home.

Greg Secker formed the “Knowledge to Action Group”. This group enables Seckor to advise and mentor other on specific trading strategies that will help them grow their existing business. Secker has received various business recognition awards for his outstanding leadership skills as well as trading abilities.

In the 1990’s, Secker was a trader at Thomas Cook Financial. It was during his tenure at Thomas Cook that Secker developed “Foreign Exchange Trading Systems”. In the late 1990’s Greg Secker received the “Telecom Award in e-Commerce”. The Telecom Award was given to Secker for developing a unique virtual trading desk as well as platform.

*Previous Business Experience:

After college, Secker worked for Mellon Financial Corporation. It was while he was employed by Mellon that Greg Secker learned the tools of the “trade”. Secker gathered much of his knowledge and know how about trading and the foreign exchange market while at Mellon.

Greg Secker uses FX Capital as well as Smart Chart Software for most of his foreign exchange business transactions. In addition, Secker also travels extensively promoting his trading methods through planned seminars.

Finally, Greg Secker without a doubt is a real professional. He seems to have endless ambition and energy which has served him quite well throughout his business career. Secker resides in the UK however, he spends a good amount of time traveling and planning his next business engagement.