About Sports betting in College Basketball Sports betting in College Basketball is foretelling Basketball match results and placing bets on the match results. Basketball bettors can place their bets through the numerous available betting online sites. Most of these Basketball betting sites take ‘up-front’ bets. This means that the bettor has to pay first before… Read Article →

The largest African-American owned IT staffing firm in the country, DIVERSANT, is empowered by their difference. They offer a wide range of IT staffing products, including direct hire, staff augmentation and diversity solutions. DIVERSANT believes that diversity leads to better opportunities for their consultants and partners. This diversity also aids in providing their clients more… Read Article →

Doubtless, many people are already aware of the real estate expert named Jason Halpern. People know him for his savvy investments and establishments throughout the country. But the question is, who is this man? Some people have depth and others do not. One might think that Jason Halpern is just a man who purchases real… Read Article →

Keith Mann has talked a few times about what it means to hire the right people, and he was recently featured in an interview where he talks about how hiring the right people takes a feeling for the fit of the organization. Everyone has to fit in even if they are exceptionally talented, and that… Read Article →

The 46-year-old supermodel Naomi Campbell was born in London and started pursuing her passion when she was just 15 years. She beautified more than 500 magazine covers and also Naomi has featured in various prominent campaigns such as Prada, Chanel, Luis Vuitton Valentino and Marc Jacobs among others. The beauty has appeared countless times and… Read Article →

The coveted award of the Who’s Who executive of the year is finally out. The winner, Brian Bonar beat challengers to emerge winner of the networking community away. Most people find it difficult to achieve financial success. While there are many factors one should consider when dealing with finances, there are also plenty of obstacles… Read Article →

Quantitative Easing was the number one and fallible solution prescribed by the Federal Department of the Treasury, during the great 2008 banking collapse. All those fraudulently packaged traunches with mortgages that people who were not qualified to have, defaulted, causing banking collapses on a world wide scale. The traunches were sold over and over again… Read Article →

I went through an interview of Betsy DeVos with the Philanthropy Roundtable on her work and involvement with educational reform on a general basis and school choice in particular. Mrs. DeVos stated that she has never been so optimistic in response to the question on her progress up to now. She stated that there are… Read Article →

Makari de Suisse is one of the most powerful beauty product suppliers in the world. The word “makari” actually means “beautiful” in Swahili, and it was chosen to highlight how multicultural this brand is. With a name inspired by Swahili, and a manufacturing plant in Switzerland, Makari de Suisse is truly a global brand with… Read Article →

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