I went through an interview of Betsy DeVos with the Philanthropy Roundtable on her work and involvement with educational reform on a general basis and school choice in particular. Mrs. DeVos stated that she has never been so optimistic in response to the question on her progress up to now. She stated that there are… Read Article →

Makari de Suisse is one of the most powerful beauty product suppliers in the world. The word “makari” actually means “beautiful” in Swahili, and it was chosen to highlight how multicultural this brand is. With a name inspired by Swahili, and a manufacturing plant in Switzerland, Makari de Suisse is truly a global brand with… Read Article →

Investor George Soros wants to reunite the ready-to-split European Union calling the British decision to exit the EU a greater crisis than the refugee situation. Soros, who opposed Great Britain leaving the EU, released his plan to recreate unity in Europe in a guest editorial for “Project Syndicate.” To George Soros, “Brexit” quickly became “regrexit”… Read Article →

The mystical and spiritual teachings of Kabbalah have been on the rise since the foundation of the Kabbalah Centre by Philip Berg and his wife Karen. The couple chose to Americanize their names upon founding the organization in 1965, and their two children are the spiritual leaders of the Kabbalah Centre. There are offices across… Read Article →

Talk Fusion, a leading company in digital communications, has been dedicated to helping others since it opened in 2007. No one is more committed than founder and CEO, Bob Reina. His mission is to help others and give back to communities around the world in a way that changes lives. He feels like the more… Read Article →

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is an agriculturalist, entrepreneur and a state official. He serves as the deputy of Guárico’s state National assembly under the government of Nicolas Maduro. He has the support of parties such as, URD, AD, FL, VPA, CLARID, MOVERSE, GE, ABP, etc. He joined the government after being elected by his constituents. Before… Read Article →

Keith Mann the founder Dynamic Search Partners which is a premier recruitment firm focused on finding talent for hedge fund and private equity firms, recently announced a scholarship program which will be focused on finding tomorrows business leaders. Keith has teamed up with Uncommon Schools which is a Brooklyn based charter school in New York… Read Article →

Well-known New Jersey Dentist, Avi Weisfogel has always taken on difficult dental cases. The Rutgers university bachelor’s in psychology graduate continued his advanced education at New York University College of dentistry where he received his DDS. Avi Weisfogel also conducts sleep master seminar clinics guiding colleagues thought effective treatments of the general public for a… Read Article →

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